This Package includes six component types for walls and seven component types for slabs according to the Green Code’s standards.
Components refer to the recesses needed for prefab electrical component boxes. Objects do not contain the electrical fixtures.
Recesses have predefined sizes and properties that are not editable.
Please consider that there are wall-based families and slab-based families according to your needs.
Components are included in the template as Opening Favorites, you can choose from a set of predefined types.


High quality

Green Code standard sizes and materials


Many different sub-categories available


Very simple to implement and use

DOWNLOAD - Step by step


1. Download components Revit families (.rfa) or Archicad template (.tpl)

2. Choose the Component tool in the structure ribbon / Open the template file and export desired types using the Attribute Manager.

3. Use Load Family Tool / Import types into your project.


Download Revit template 
View usage features (pdf) - (English Version)

Video-Tutorial (mp4)

Download Archicad template Vorlage  
View usage Features (pdf) - (English version) 

Video-Tutorial (mp4)