Wall Edge

This Package includes two main wall edge types: Twin Wall Edge with beveled edges and Thermal Wall Edge with square or bevelled edges.

Twin wall edge is a unique complex profile type with an instance parameter to set the thickness according to the host wall thickness.

Thermal wall edge has three sub-types for square edges and three sub-types for beveled edges; you can also choose the right insulation material according to the thermal wall type.

Wall edge has offset modifiers to define the precast and insulation layer thickness. Please consider that you should duplicate the predefined complex profile according to your needs.

Slab Edge

This Package includes two main slab edge types: XM Slab Edge with square or bevelled edges and Thermal Slab Edge.

Both square and bevelled slab edge for XM slabs have two different types in relation to element height: 30 cm elements or 31-60 cm elements.
Thermal slab edge can be square or bevelled.

High quality

Green Code standard sizes and materials 


Many different sub-categories available 


Very simple to implement and use 

DOWNLOAD step by step

  1. Download Edge Revit families (.rfa) or Archicad template (.tpl)
  2. Choose the Component tool in the structure ribbon / Open the template file and export desired edge types using the Attribute Manager.
  3. Import types into your project.


Download Revit template

View usage features (pdf)

Video tutorial (mp4) - slab

Video tutorial (mp4) - wall

Download Archicad template

View usage features (pdf)

Video tutorial (mp4)