Concrete, with its high load-bearing capacity and almost free formability, is one of the most important creative materials in modern architecture. Thanks to industrial planning and prefabrication, Green Code is able to exhaust the possibilities of the material and adds precision to the building structure and surfaces. You can recognize a Green Code building by its design freedom and outstanding construction. We make almost anything possible. For architects, Green Code means greater design freedom coupled with planning reliability.

Together with our engineers, great ideas become future-oriented buildings.

Technical Design

Detailed planning is necessary for high-quality results, well-founded calculations and scheduled construction progress. In our technical
offices, all the information converges and is combined in a comprehensive CAD master plan - based on the drawings and layouts of the architectural offices, the structural engineering schematics and the design of the relevant trades - all these are integrated step by step - level by level. From reinforcements to electrical wiring, all elements are planned into the ceilings and walls.
This is where the foundation for a functioning building and a load-bearing structural system is created. Collision detection identifies and resolves conflicts between the trades at an early stage - not just when the house is already under construction. With the Green Code concept, we combine industrial standards and individual planning right up to the final building inspection.

Industrial Production

Sophisticated, reliable CAD drawings are the basis for our computer-aided production. The welding robot delivers just-in-time dimensionally accurate reinforcement.
With the support of lasers and shuttering robots - but also a great deal of skilled technical experience - the reinforcement and insulation are laid on the formwork pallets together with heating lines, empty pipes and recesses, poured with concrete and compacted. For the period of curing, the "maturity", the elements together with the formwork pallet are temporarily stored in climatic chambers under optimal conditions. In this way, the concrete can actually achieve its calculated load-bearing capacity. Here, no rain dilutes the formula, no sun reduces the final strength and no frost draws crystals on the surfaces. Precisely fitting construction elements of high quality are delivered to the construction site and assembled.

Integrated building services

The building services are integrated in the factory or prepared for installation in coordination with the contractors. Necessary empty pipes, sockets, breakthroughs and recesses are taken into account in the elements. Thus, the heating/cooling lines in the Green Code climatic ceiling are fully installed and can be connected by the heating contractor on site. Water and ventilation are installed in the provided recesses and penetrations according to plan. No one trade interferes with or obstructs the other, and completion progresses quickly. Knocking slots on the construction site is construction of the past.

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