Concrete is one of the most versatile building materials, especially in the appearance of its surfaces - inside and outside. No other material has such a variable appearance. Thanks to the horizontal production in our precast plants and the multi-stage compaction, almost any surface can be molded - from completely smooth to ornamental. This can then be further processed on site in a variety of ways.

The following procedures can be distinguished:

  • The shutter-smooth surface is cleaned and glazed, either as colorless protection only or with pigments in the desired shades.
  • The shutter-smooth surface is mechanically processed, e.g. sandblasted or bush hammered and then glazed.
  • A formliner is inserted into the shutters, which is molded into the concrete as a relief. The surface is finally glazed to protect it against the weather. Almost anything is possible with this technique. From simple textures, plaster structures and dummy joints to imitated structures, such as wood and sand, to pictorial motifs and ornaments.