Advantages at a glance

  • Better temperature control
  • Better air qualitiy
  • Improved acoustics
  • Sustainable / forward-looking / resource-conserving
  • Cost effective
  • Faster - 40% compared to conventional construction
  • Higher quality - standardized automatic production
  • One-stop solution for: structural issues, acoustic optimisation, aesthetics and indoor climate control
  • Collision free design

Room temperature

„Feel Good“-Temperature – Warm Winter and cool Summer with Green Code

In Winter, an evenly comfortable heat throughout the room. No cool surfaces, no overheated radiators, no dry dusty over heated air flow, no cold corners. The core of Green Code makes this possible: the Green Code Climatic Slab. It works on the principle of radiant heat - like a heavy tiled stove, only much gentler. In Green Code rooms, the entire ceiling is tempered almost imperceptibly, warming the entire room. The heat is distributed evenly without circulating the air. The room temperature is as it should be: comfortable - without you noticing that heating is taking place. In summer, the ceiling is cooled and excess heat is removed just as imperceptibly - without cold, dry drafts, without humming fans, without high investments in air conditioning and with significantly lower energy costs for ongoing operation.

Air quality

Fresh air - better climate indoor than outdoor - thanks to Green Code

Breathing is living | And what we have to inhalte in our buildings is often of poor quality. Not least because radiators and underfloor heating systems constantly circulate the air in the room. The airflow picks up the inevitable house dust and carries this unappetizing mixture ceaselessly through the air - our breathing air - out of reach of the vacuum cleaner. Dusty, dry heating air promotes colds and impairs vitality and general well-being - this is a serious health problem not only for people suffering from allergies. The Green Code climatic control slab gently tempers the living space from above. The air in the room does not circulate. House dust sinks to the floor, where it can be absorbed, dry or wet. The air is as it should be: clean and fresh!

Room acoustics

Background noise - with Green Code against noise pollution

Noise means stress - in the office or at home. In buildings with modern, open construction, reduced furniture and many hard surfaces, long reverberation times occur. This makes speech intelligibility more difficult and a normal conversation quickly turns into inconvenient noise - and, in combination with playing children or colleagues on the phone, quickly into a health thread and social burden. With the Green Code acoustic slab, the acoustic qualities of a room can be specifically adapted to the required properties - whether it is an open-plan office layout, a lecture room or a living room at home. The ceiling provides the right "feel-good" acoustics: pleasant and disturbance-free sound experience - without conspicuous acoustic elements.



Responsible building - Thinking about the future with Green Code

For generations - Those who build with concrete build for generations, think long-term and make no compromises when it comes to energy conservation - our children will thank us! Thanks to the large-area heating and cooling ceiling, energy consumption is reduced even further. Green Code plays a central role in terms of sustainability in the holistic approach to prefabrication and construction. It is the unifying element to change the industry in a sustainable way. In short: the building system of the future.

Green Code System


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