Green Code Thermo Wall®

Based on the principle of thermal insulation from the outside, the Green Code Thermo Wall with integrated insulation offers an innovative and efficient solution for the improvement of your building envelope. No other wall system fits our time as well as this one. A sustainable, customized solution with technical as well as aesthetic advantages.

The Green Code Thermo Wall is an industrially prefabricated façade element. It consists of two dimensionally accurate reinforced concrete panels connected to each other without thermal bridges and with internal thermal insulation. The outer, non-load-bearing façade panel provides mechanical protection for the thermal insulation.

The design of the surface can be done in a variety of ways: In addition to textured concrete and colored concrete, it can also be made in a polished, brushed or bush-hammered look. In addition, the outer panel can also be provided with sharp edges. Static reinforcement, according to individual requirements, is provided in the inner panel and in the in-situ concrete core. After the elements are assembled on site and the in-situ concrete has hardened, the result is a statically monolithic façade system. With the Green Code Thermo Wall it possible to realize projects in "Climate House A Standard" or "Passive House Standard".

With the Green Code Thermo Wall, the advantages of industrial production can already be used in the skeleton construction phase - planned completely and produced under controlled, weather-independent production conditions. The three-shell wall elements are delivered just-in-time to the construction site. On-site assembly requires little time and fewer personnel. Logistics on the construction site are simplified and the time-consuming formwork and reinforcement construction is eliminated. The entire building services - as in the Green Code climate-controlled ceiling system - are already taken into account and installed accordingly, or the installation is prepared and thus integrated into the Green Code workflow. This makes high-quality construction calculable even under tight time constraints.

The Thermo Wall ensures a constant and even room temperature - concrete is an excellent storage medium. The solar radiation of the day is released again at night or the coolness of the night is carried over into the next day - depending on the season. The significantly increased effective area through the wall surfaces makes it possible to further reduce the flow temperatures in the heating mode. This makes the use of renewable energy sources even more economical. In cooling mode, performance values of up to 100 watts per square meter of floor area can be achieved. The higher flow temperatures also reduce energy consumption in summer and protect the system from condensation in the long term - even in humid weather and without any loss of performance

The Green Code Thermo Wall is concreted horizontally on metal shutters. This, and through multi-stage compaction, gives the walls a smooth surface - the perfect basis for an attractive concrete look or any other wall / façade design. The concrete surfaces are cleaned and finished on-site. In addition, we will be happy to arrange suitable specialist companies for the treatment of the façades for permanently appealing concrete surfaces.
The elements of the Green Code Thermo Wall - The outer and inner shell of concrete with integrated reinforcement and intermediate insulation becomes a monolithic component through the filling of the cavity with in-situ concrete. In the Green Code concept, the Thermo Wall forms the hard shell to the outside and the high-quality insulation lies protected in the solid wall.


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  • Facade in concrete optic possible, metal shutters mean smooth surfaces, directly paintable
  • Best foundation for finishing into durable fair-faced concrete, variable joint pattern


  • No environmentally harmful coatings necessary
  • High energy storage capacity


  • Industrially prefabricated with integrated reinforcement
  • Integrated building services
  • Fast, economical construction progress


  • Design as fire wall or fire protection wall possible
  • Internal insulation:Protection against mechanical damage and weather conditions
  • Fire protection, no flaring of the insulation facade
  • Excellent soundproofing

Situational / Flexible

  • Great freedom of planning, as individual, project-related production
  • 3-shell wall construction with variable insulation thickness and joint patterns
  • Different insulation materials depending on the application
  • Large wall elements possible
  • Different system wall thicknesses on request

Technical specifications

U-values in W/ (m² x K): 0.11 to 0.79 depending on insulation material
Insulation thicknesses from 4 to 22 cm, depending on material and requirements