Green Code Thermo Slab®

Continuous insulation in the building is a challenge. The solution to this is the Green Code Thermo Slab. It blends seamlessly into the overall insulating system - even in combination with the Green Code Thermo Wall. In case of overhanging building components which need to be insulated, such as overhanging balconies or as the end of unsealed underground garages, the Green Code Thermo Slab is the ideal element for excellent insulation results. Green Code is a system for everything - it keeps the building homogeneous.

The Green Code Thermo Slab is an industrially prefabricated element consisting of a metal formwork-smooth concrete slab with built-in lattice girders and the minimum transverse reinforcement as well as any possible fillers. The load-bearing longitudinal reinforcement is already installed in the floor element. Thermal insulation is also installed directly in the factory. After the elements have been installed on site, the structural reinforcement layers have been placed on top of the slabs the in-situ concrete is poured. The result is a structurally uniaxial monolithic floor system.


  • Durable and long lasting material 
  • Protected insulation (fire protection)
  • Industrially prefabricated with integrated reinforcement
  • Fast, economical construction progress
  • High planning flexibility due to individual, project-related production