The Green Code feel good concept

Green Code is a system of premium precast concrete elements and services that are absolutely unique in their scope of performance: It offers planning security, is profitable and meets highest demands on the indoor climate as well as the energy balance of buildings. The sustainable Green Code system is thermally optimized, faster than conventional construction methods, and additionally conserves resources.


According to the 1987 UN Brundtlandt Report, sustainability generally means taking into account the needs in the here and now, without disregarding those of future generations on a global scale. This means that sustainability goes beyond the environmental aspect and also includes technology, social and political aspects, regardless of the financial perspective. For the building industry, this means in concrete terms: creating living spaces for people, infrastructures for the general public and working spaces for companies that are sustainable.

Those who build with concrete build for generations - in the long term and without compromising on energy efficiency. Green Code plays a central role in terms of sustainability in the holistic view of prefabrication and construction. It is the unifying element to sustainably change the industry. In short: the building system of the future.

Building sustainably with Green Code: Thanks to the large-area heating and cooling ceiling, energy consumption is reduced. Due to the uniform heating of the entire room, the "feel good" temperature is lower. With the Green Code thermal wall, a high insulation standard, as in the passive house, can be easily realized - With its own energy supply on the roof, even an energy-plus house is possible.

Customized architecture

The building is designed and planned according to the customer's needs by the respective architect. A high degree of individuality can therefore be guaranteed. If you opt for the Green Code "feel-good" climate, ideally involve us in the technical planning at an early stage so that an optimum end result can be achieved. The earlier, the better. We will be happy to assist you in exhausting all possibilities and optimizing the construction processes, also from an economic point of view.

Connected Digital Construction

The basis for the successful coordination of all trades is integrated planning. In our technical office, with qualified specialists, we combine the architectural, structural and building services specifications in the work and detail planning without any collisions. In the precast concrete industry, this principle of collision-free planning has been used for over 20 years. Now, this valuable service for the construction world is to be implemented by all construction participants within the framework of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) process in the course of the next few years. We are integrating ourselves smoothly into this collaborative process. For the construction site, this means that work can continue stress-free through proper preliminary planning and coordination.

Planning with certainty - With Green Code, architects get the most important things from a single source: construction elements that we produce according to individual requirements and a service package that enables reliable planning right from the start. This includes:

  • The architectural and structural concept support with proven execution details
  • The internal quantity takeoff with resulting budget planning for architects
  • A time schedule with high delivery reliability
  • Integral planning that integrates all relevant trades into the production and assembly plans without conflict

In addition, we have a network of experts for the planning of acoustics and fire protection, for the physical simulation of buildings and much more. In short, Green Code supports architects in their work, keeps their interfaces manageable, and offers a high level of planning security from the very beginning.

Efficiency that pays off

The true value of a building is revealed over its entire life cycle. After all, energy consumption pays off annually and each construction method entails different maintenance costs. Inside the Green Code thermal walls, the insulation remains permanently protected from fire, algae and vandalism. The Green Code Climatic Slab combines powerful heating and cooling in a single component, which often makes it the most economical solution in terms of investment. In addition, it is one of the most energy-efficient systems in both applications and thus also saves in the long term.

Green Code System


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